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Venice, CA 90291
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Are you looking for the Real Deal?...
You've come to the right place.

R & R Entertainment is a personal management team featuring REAL Athletes, Actors and Technical Advisers for Commercials, Film and Television projects.
Robbie T. Robinson (the "R´s" in R & R) has over 35 (Thirty-five) years of experience.
10 years of professional baseball as a player & Manager...also, Robbie is a SAG member who has logged over 6,500 hours as an actor himself over a 35 year period. Robbie is the son of "Hank Robinson," former pro baseball player & veteran actor (Hank has 35,000 hours in his career).
Robbie has the right background and experience to send the right Professional to you.
Whether it is Baseball Players, Umpires, Managers, etc
Or Football Players, Referees, Coaches, Etc.,
Or Basketball Players, Referees, Coaches, Etc
Or Golf or soccer or Boxing or any other sport you need to recreate...Even Dodgeball!
R & R sends the right Professional to YOU! R & R has booked some of the top talent in major commercials… Feature films, like the Referee in "Dodgeball"...and X Files and CBS´s "Clubhouse" & "The Handler," NBC´s "Inside Schwartz" and the list goes on & on… See "Credits" for more.

Do the right thing...Call R & R for the Real Deal Actor YOU NEED!


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